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The Vision

DreamTeam Home Studios is a one-stop-shop for creatives. Wherever you are at in your journey as a creative, we will meet you there and provide resources to help you reach the next level. We specialize in the entertainment & music field and offer industry quality audio recording services for an affordable price. We provide one on one attention so that each client receives unique care for their product.

DreamTeam Home Studios has over 10+ years of customer service experience and provides consulting services as well. Our individual care for each client and above and beyond approach to business sets us apart from our competitors. We are artists ourselves so we want nothing but the best for the clients that we work with and pride ourselves on providing results.

The DreamTeam Home Studios team strives to make the best music the industry has to offer. We strive to help artists that have a story and testimony to share but do not have the finances to afford to consistently pay for the industries top studios, but still are passionate about producing an industry quality sound. For assistance with producing and composing your songs, this is the spot to be. We make beats and music for genres of all kinds including Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Punk, Reggae, Ska, R&B, and pretty much any other category you can think of with professional musicians ready to help you live out your dream. Contact us today for a quote on beat production and song composition, mixing and mastering, or studio time, or contact us to set up a free needs analysis appointment today.

Meet The Team

DreamTeam Collective

Lique Javon


From childhood piano lessons to high school and college marching band to dorm room hip hop production to DJing events to EDM production, one could say music is a huge part of Lique’s life.
Born and raised in Monroe, Michigan, he always knew that he wanted to make a career out of music but was unaware of it’s possibility until he moved to California in 2016. Now, with persistence and consistency, he strives to find a new way to create music to suit any mood and any vibe that people experience on an every day basis.

Dorian aka “Mandela”

DreamTeam Home Studios CEO

Mandela sits down on his couch in Ontario, CA – home to his self-made music recording studio, Dream Team Home Studios. And yet, a CEO is only one of the hats that he wears. Fresh off his day-to-day gig as a business consultant, you can’t see a bit of fatigue on his face. He wears a large smile on his face and an attitude of gratitude for life. The only thing he reeks of is his enthusiasm to share his craft, and a passion to mentor & inspire any and everybody of their own gifts.

While the hats he wears is many, between being a musician, mentor, beat maker, businessman, consultant, graphic designer, and video editor; the hat he never takes off is being a devote man of God. If you were to pin a single word down to Mandela, you would say transparent. Mandela is that man who is transparent in his faith, direct about his past and present, and clearly driven by all things creative. His hunger to be an authentic artist is a prevalent staple that you can hear in his music.

With a flow and cadence that is quick witted and true to self, you receive a flurry of bars that speak nothing but the truth when you listen to Mandela. Lyrically, when Mandela says he’s real, you can bet on that. With a sweet smile on his face, he says, “I will pull a gun out on you and I will pray for you.”

Mandela first started making music at 6 years old, where he played the clarinet in the orchestra. You can hear his specificity for music when you pick up on the reoccurring theme of a unique melody. Watching Mandela perform, you will receive everything from turnt and hype to intimate and interactive. He does this with his melodic sounds and the energy he provides on stage. From tracks like Relationship Problems in “Step Into The Sanctuary” to Beauty in “Street College 3”, you can hear tunes resonating from the inventive to the nostalgic samples of Wayne Wonder. Still, what speaks volumes, is the resonance that is Mandela's voice - distinctive and eloquent, he's sure to bring college to the streets.

Ambition is an understatement when Mandela is the person in question. His ruthless drive to achieve his dreams and goals is never a matter of who can help, but a matter of if he himself can help. And without a doubt, he can. When faced with the passing of a dear childhood friend, he took it upon himself to host an event with his then team/ label BTS, “Brothers That Sacrifice,” to fundraise money for the family in grievance. Mandela’s heart for people and for giving back does not stop there; as one day, he wishes to develop a chain of recording studios in his hometown of Detroit and Monroe, Michigan, to train artists in harnessing and perfecting their craft. His desire to encourage, connect, and add value to others is one of the shining qualities that makes him a true benevolent leader in his field.

If you want music with a message, then find Mandela on all music platforms and at his very own, Dream Team Home Studios!


Deonna is an up and coming stylist and designer from Monroe, Michigan. She traveled to pursue a degree in Mass Communications and minor in Pan African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. Fashion was a passion at a young age, but her dreams of working in the industry became more attainable through various internship opportunities in Los Angeles. While working with experienced designers and stylists, Deonna learned the importance of solidifying her own unique style. GRAY Style is a brand started by Deonna Gray. A brand dedicated to impacting the culture through style, representation, and creativity: GRAY, which stands for "Greatness Revolves Around You", means that as long as you embody greatness, then you will begin to see it in everything and everyone surrounding you.



Greetings and peace to you. I develop Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s) for DreamTeam Home Studios. I specialize in music EPK’s, that synthesizes the background of a musician with their personality & character to create an elaborate snapshot of their artistry. I have a background in spoken word and poetry that I put on display at an open mic that I host in Glendora, CA. Combined with a background of professional videography EPK’s that were sent to Nike to showcase a mini docu-series produced by a shoe store in Los Angeles, CA, Laced. By interlacing my talents of both the poetic and the professional, I create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but fitting to illustrate your musicianship. EPK’s are meant to brand and market yourself to labels, venues, and anywhere you desire to be known and broadcasted. Allow me to take a picture of you with my words! I look forward to meeting and working with you as you step further into your professional career as an artist.
One Love.

Chris Logic